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Blackshaw Real Estate & COVID-19

2021 has changed the way we are operating and we are on top of providing the safest, quality results for valued clients as always!

Here is all the important information about buying, selling, listing, and renting during lockdown!

Property Inspections

ACT: One on one in-person inspections are allowed. This means an agent can take members from the same household to tour a property as long as all COVID-19 restrictions are adhered to. There may be limited inspection times available, so please ensure you contact the agent to book your appointment.

NSW: One on one in-person inspections are allowed. This means an agent can take one person to tour a property as long as all COVID-19 restrictions are adhered to. Virtual walk-throughs are also possible. Our NSW offices are concerned with keeping our community safe so please contact them directly regarding how to inspect a property during this time.


ACT & NSW: In-person auctions are not allowed. You can only attend and bid on a property in the online environment. Blackshaw Real Estate has engaged AuctionNow, an online auction platform that enables bidders to view, register, and bid on properties going to auction. Click here to see what this looks like.

Exchange & Settlements

ACT & NSW: Exchanges and settlements can still go ahead, and contracts can be signed in-person if all COVID-19 restrictions are adhered to. A buyer can also attend a pre-settlement inspection of a property with an agent, once again following all COVID-19 restrictions and precautions.

New Rental Tenancies

ACT & NSW: Tenants can move into a rental property and a property manager can conduct the necessary inspections and prepare the property for new tenants, ensuring all COVID-19 restrictions are followed.

End of Lease

ACT & NSW: A property manager can attend a property to conduct an end of lease inspection. However, where possible, the property should be vacant. The property manager can do a virtual walk-through with the vacating tenant.

Routine Rental Inspections

ACT: Routine rental inspections will be conducted virtually or rescheduled until after lockdown.

NSW: Although routine inspections can be done in-person (following all COVID-19 NSW restrictions), our Blackshaw NSW offices are only conducting virtual inspections or rescheduling in-person inspections until after lockdown.

Repairs & Maintenance for Rental Properties

ACT: Only emergency (urgent) repairs can be attended to during lockdown. Blackshaw property managers can advise you of their COVID-19 safe process for urgent repairs.

NSW: Both urgent and non-urgent repairs can be attended to during lockdown. Our NSW offices will ensure your repairs are done via a COVID-19 safe process.

Your Questions Answered!

Q: Can I list my property for sale/lease during COVID-19 lockdown?
A: Yes, all the activities required to list a property for sale or rent are permissible with certain COVID-19 restrictions in place! Contact your local Blackshaw agent for an appraisal if you need to sell or rent your property.
Q: Can I engage a removalist?
A: Yes, you are allowed to use a removalist to move you from one property to another.
Q: Can a valuation of a property occur?
A: Yes, a Valuer can provide a valuation as long as they are following the protocols outlined by the Australian Property Institute.
Q: Can my property be cleaned?
A: Yes, a property can be cleaned if vacant and necessary.
Q: Can my property be professionally photographed?
A: Yes, a property can be professionally photographed. In the ACT, the photographer must be the only person present in the property.
Q: Can a property building, and pest inspection be done?
A: Yes, a property can be visited by an inspector and a building and pest inspection and EER report can be done.
Q: Can my property be styled?
A: Yes, property styling can occur. In the ACT, the property must be vacant.
Q: I am a tenant and I am impacted by COVID-19. What are my options?
A: There is financial support from the government available to help renters and their landlords meet rent payments. There is also a freeze on eviction for impacted tenants. Tenants must meet certain eligibility criteria and it is best to discuss your situation with your Blackshaw Property Manager for tailored advice.
Please contact us with any questions or concerns as we're here to assist during this difficult time for all.
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