Where passion meets performance

You’ll join a tight-knit team who enjoy a laugh in a space where opinions and ideas are valued. It’s a community where everyone contributes, checking all the boxes and thinking outside of them.

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We are an agency firmly founded on the principle of nurturing and advancing our team members.


No two days are identical, it’s fast-paced and rewarding. You’ll work hard, cheer hard, and celebrate with the same enthusiasm.

You’re given the opportunity to shine, backed by everything Blackshaw stands for.


Quarterly training sessions

We've crafted training rhythms designed to foster your growth, both in your professional and personal spheres.


Professional Development

Top-tier national and international speakers, practitioners, mentors and coaches.

The experts guiding us offer:

Training that's specifically tailored to the demands of the industry

Twice a year, we offer training days infused with motivational style sessions to keep you inspired and energised

Planning sessions to help shape your professional and personal path


Auctioneer training and coaching from the best in the industry

Personalised one-on-one sessions to enhance individual accountability

Scripts & dialogue training


 Leading global presenters, including Tom Panos, James Tostevin, Damien Cooley, Kylie Maxwell, James Williams, Caroline Bolderston, and international motivational speakers and trainers Jackie Cooper, Michael Crossland and Kirsten Peterson.

While market fluctuations may be beyond your control, you have the power to master your skillset. Blackshaw not only out-learns the competition but also nurtures a high-performance culture that consistently delivers exceptional results.

Curious? Let's chat.

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