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Cost Of Selling A Property or House

The cost of selling a property can vary significantly. Factors such as the market value of your home, the extent of repairs/maintenance required, level of presentation, styling and marketing you opt for, and how quickly you need to find a buyer will all influence the final cost to a seller. 

However, by hiring the right agent to represent and assist you in the sale of your home, you will ideally come out of the process having made money, rather than losing it. 

To give you an idea of the costs associated with selling your property, and what you can expect when chatting with an agent, we have compiled a list of the common, average costs incurred by those looking to take their home to market:


This will depend on the condition of the home. You can save money by carrying out tasks yourself, however it is always safe to keep some money up your sleeve for anything you would like to outsource e.g. professional cleaning or gardening.


Professional styling services is another cost that can vary significantly based on the size of your home and the level of detail you would like. 


  • Photography - up to $595 (dusk images)

  • Video & drone - $800 (video) & $550 (drone)

  • Solicitor (conveyancing) - up to $1,800

  • Building compliance, pest inspection & EER – $1,350

These reports are legally required in ACT only (not applicable to NSW properties). 
Note that the purchaser reimburses you for this cost upon settlement of the property.


Marketing campaigns are tailor-made to individual property, locality and likely buyer profile. Our agents work closely with you to determine the right combination of marketing elements to build your campaign, based on your requirements and budget.


  • Auctioneer – Up to $550

As the auctioneer can often be different to the selling agent, this cost acts as a hiring fee for their speciality service and time. 


There are several different ways agents within the market can structure their fees, all of which are discussed and agreed on between a seller and their agent before signing an agency agreement. The most common are:​

  • Fixed percentage of the sale price
  • Fixed dollar amount (irrespective of the sale price) 
  • An incentive-based fee – usually a standard percentage to the midpoint of the property value range with a higher ‘incentive’ percentage as the sale price increases

To discuss in more detail, any of the above costs or which options would suit your property best, contact your local Blackshaw area specialist for an obligation free home appraisal

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