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Marketing Your Property

Promoting your property using an effective marketing campaign is one of the key elements to achieving the best possible sales result for you and your home. 

Effective marketing campaigns are about placing your property in front of as many eyes as possible to ensure your property gets maximum exposure and attracts maximum enquiry. 

The secret to a successful campaign is creating a tailor-made marketing package that suits each individual property. There are a multitude of mediums available to showcase your home. Methods such as online listing portals, social media, local newspapers and magazines, signboards, flyers and EDM’s all play an important role in and presenting a property to the market and creating healthy competition among buyers.

Styling your home, ready to go to market is another key element to achieving great results for your sale. The way your property is presented can have a significant effect on how the market will value your home and consequently the sale price. There are simple tasks homeowners can do to improve the presentation of their home such as detailed cleaning (things like windows tracks and glass, shower screens and tiles), as well as scrubbing walls, decluttering and de-personalising the home. Depending on the style of and amount of furniture in the home, there are also professional services such as home stylists available to remove existing belongings and refurnish/decorate the space with hired items. This process can be discussed with your agent and can be incorporated into your overall advertising budget.

Our agents work closely with you to determine the right combination of marketing elements for your campaign, based on your individual needs.


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