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Sell My House & Property

We understand that sell your own property is a big decision and sometimes an emotional one. Selling through a professional can save you stress, time and money, and help you achieve the top sales price in the minimum time. But how do you choose the right agency when, on the surface, we may all appear to do pretty much the same thing?

There are many agents around, and most handle the basics. It can be tempting to select someone who quotes the highest sale price or lowest commission rate or fee structure. However, some agents may inflate the potential price of your home just to get the listing. Some offer lower fees, but their motivation to sell your property could be diminished if their profits are minimal.

The key is to choose the agency that will introduce the most potential buyers to your home and negotiate the top sale price in the minimum amount of time, with the minimum of fuss. This means choosing an agency with a depth of expertise, years of experience, a strong track record and motivated staff who are supported by the right training and technology. Blackshaw Real Estate can offer all of this.

Establishing a Value

One of the most important decisions you will make is determining the right asking price for your property. This can be a challenging decision, and while we can advise you on what your property may be worth, it is important to remember that agents do not decide property values. The market does. If you set your target too high you may miss out on many potential buyers by pricing yourself out of the market. While, setting your price too low could mean that you may end up selling your own property for less than it is really worth.

The benefits of correctly pricing your property include:

  • Your property will attract more qualified buyers
  • Your property will sell faster
  • Your property won’t go ‘stale’ on the market and you don’t have to drop your price over time
  • A well-priced property can generate competing offers

When you are determining the value of your home it is useful to keep your eye on the real estate section of the local newspapers. Compare descriptions of properties in your area and monitor the maximum and minimum selling prices. If you are still unsure of how to price your home, one of our Sales Consultants will be more than happy to assist you. With over 1200 properties sold by Blackshaw Real Estate each year, they have extensive knowledge and understanding of current market activity as well as access to the latest up-to-date sales information.

After you have a reasonable idea of the price your property is likely to sell for, remember to calculate the various costs of selling your own property. These can include:

  • Landscaping, painting, redecorating or other costs associated with preparing your property for sale
  • Legal expenses, advertising costs and agent’s commission
  • Repayments of any existing loans on the property.

Expert Marketing

One of the greatest benefits of allowing Blackshaw Real Estate to assist with selling your own home is our ability to create a totally unique and specialised marketing strategy. We understand that each property is unique, that is why we work with you to develop an individual marketing plan that will showcase your property’s finest features and ensure that it makes an impact in the market.

Our reputation for high-quality marketing is built on years of experience providing customers with a full range of promotional products, including eye-catching full-colour brochures and advertisements, advertising on multiple websites, flyers, postcards, letterbox drops, mail outs and signboards.

We take our advertising and marketing very seriously. When designing our marketing materials, three important points are kept in mind – high-quality property images, uncomplicated informative text and an uncluttered overall look.

Our marketing package includes

  • Professional photography/graphics
  • High-quality property brochures
  • Strong internet marketing campaigns
  • Eye-catching signboards
  • Local press advertising

We can also provide additional marketing services upon request.

Property Presentation

The majority of people buy a home based on their first impressions. The emotional impact they receive with the first moments of viewing your property can have a huge impact on the price they are willing to pay.

The key is to market your property as though you were buying it yourself. Remember, money spent carefully upfront can make thousands of dollars difference in the final sale price. It’s amazing how minor improvements can boost the overall appeal of your property.

Blackshaw Real Estate works with you to ensure that your property shines. From calling in professional decorators to creating the right setting for photography and inspections, we attend to every detail.

Presentation Checklist

Here are some simple steps for making sure your home is ready to show:

  • Trim and tidy the gardens, sweep paths and driveways
  • Clean all windows and make sure your front door is clean, well maintained and welcoming
  • Clean up inside – a soft brush and a damp cloth can work wonders to brighten up your home
  • Brush away cobwebs, dust from window frames and sills
  • Arrange professional cleaning – this can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you are short on time
  • Bring paintwork back to life with touch-ups or a fresh coat
  • Consider updating low-cost items such as cupboard door handles for a refreshed look
  • Make sure the house is well aired to remove odours such as pet and cooking smells
  • Remove clutter and ensure your furniture doesn’t restrict movement around the house
  • Tidy up inside your cupboards as buyers will check for storage space
  • Lock away valuables
  • Keep pets out of the way
  • Add welcoming touches, such as fresh flowers and soft music
  • Make sure we have all the information about the property’s features

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