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Property Management Services

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Whether you've invested money in a rental property, or are renting out your own home, it is wise to be supported by expert property management. Our central locations and established track record, makes Blackshaw Real Estate one of the first ports of call for many major institutions, national and multinational companies, embassies and the Defence Forces.

Our property managers are highly trained, always contactable and willing to assist in all matters relating to your investment. We pride ourselves in the ability to meet and exceed our clients’ individual needs and expectations.


We offer a number of expert property management services to our clients. These services are designed to make your property as profitable as possible.


Property Management at Blackshaw Real Estate has been structured with consideration for all landlords to assist in obtaining the best possible return on their investment. Our dedicated teams work together to ensure your investment grows. All members of the property management team are aware of current legislation and Blackshaw Real Estate policies.


All of our rental properties are listed on both and We also have access to and and can list rental properties on these sites at the discretion of owners. These sites allow us to meet our target audience faster. Our websites are updated every hour to ensure that the most current information is displayed. All of our advertisements are presented with accurate information and current photos. We make sure that your property is presented in the most favourable light.


Exhibitions and Feedback

Our leasing consultants work tirelessly to ensure that a suitable tenant is located as soon as possible, ensuring the vacancy time is limited. This has allowed us to have a vacancy rate lower than the state average. During the leasing process you will receive regular feedback from the leasing team.


Applications and approvals

All applicants go through a strenuous qualification process including both employment and rental history checks. Once the applicants have been reviewed, the recommended applications are provided for your selection. At no time do we select your tenants; we believe that you need to have the peace of mind of knowing who is residing in your investment.


Tenancy agreement

Every tenancy agreement is signed in person in our office with all tenants present. Our property managers go through every clause with the tenants. This ensures that there is no confusion and all expectations are understood at the very beginning. We believe that a clear and concise explanation of everyone’s obligations makes for a happy tenancy.


Arrears management

Whilst your tenant will undergo a rigorous screening process, circumstances can change. Our property managers monitor the arrears on a daily basis and follow a strict zero-tolerance policy. Should your tenant fall behind in their rent, you will be contacted immediately, and all legislative steps will be followed to protect against any loss.


Rent Reviews & Inspections

We believe the standard requirements are the most important. Our Property Managers have strict procedures to follow to ensure that rent reviews and routines are carried out. Legislation permits rent reviews on an annual basis and routine inspections once in the first month and bi-annual inspections after.



Regular maintenance assists in keeping your property in the best possible condition, which allows you to gain longevity from your investment. As the owner, you will be advised of all maintenance noted at routine inspections and be provided with possible solutions for rectification. We believe that prevention is better than cure, and understand this is key to maintaining your property in the best possible condition.


Reporting and documentation

Blackshaw Real Estate understands that your rental property is an investment. We supply our landlords with a statement at the end of each month that outlines all income and expenditure. This statement is sent via email at the time of payout, and a hardcopy is issued with the relevant invoices attached. At the end of the financial year, an income and expenditure report is issued promptly.


Landlord insurance

Whilst we do our best to ensure that the tenant in your property is of the highest standard, we recommend that owners seek Landlord Insurance for the added peace of mind in the case of property damage or non-payment of rent. For more information please contact your local Blackshaw Real Estate office.



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