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Taylah Grocott

Campaign Manager

Taylah Grocott

Blackshaw Manuka

02 6295 2433
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Meet Taylah, a beacon of warmth and positivity in every room she enters. With a contagious smile and an open heart, Taylah effortlessly uplifts those around her. Whether it's through her genuine kindness and dedication, unwavering optimism, or an empathetic listening ear, she leaves a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to cross her path. 

Her passion for spreading joy and creating meaningful connections shines through in all they do. In Taylah, you'll find not just a friend to rely on, but a radiant soul who illuminates the world with positivity.

From exploring hidden gems in the community, to embarking on daring adventures in crazy destinations, Taylah approaches life with an insatiable sense of wonder and a determination to make every moment count.
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