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4 Marvellous Moving Tips To Reduce Stress

4 Marvellous Moving Tips To Reduce Stress

Moving day doesn't have to be stressful. By simply planning ahead and having a checklist, you can take the chaos out of the day.

Moving into a new home can be incredibly exciting and extremely stressful at the same time, but people keep doing it. According to the last census in Australia, 42 per cent of people over the age of five have moved to a different home since 2006. But, where is the best place to move? The Organization for Economic Cooperation Development released a study that showed residents in Canberra have one of the best living standards in the world.

The ACT scored an incredible 10/10 for income, 9.6/10 for jobs and 9.5 for environment. The region is seen as a fresh start and whether you are buying a house or deciding to rent in a different part of Australia, it's important to finish one chapter before starting the next.

Research commissioned by Estates Direct confirms that buying and moving into a new home is one of the most stressful events in life. It is rated up there with divorce, starting a new job and even the death of a loved one. With all that gloom and doom, here are some tips to avoiding the stress of moving.

Before you start

If you are not in a rush and have a little time on your hands, choose an appropriate season to move in. Try and avoid the coldest days in winter and the hottest days in summer. Other than that, check your weather app for the week before the trucks are scheduled and you can avoid a day when it's raining.

Your moving day motto : a place for everything and everything in its place

1) Clear the calendar

Moving a house can take an army and if you have the free help of your family and friends, then a job shared is a job halved. The first thing you must do when gathering the troops is to make sure everyone's schedule is flexible on the week of the move. If the moving date needs to be changed because of weather or other unforeseen circumstances, being prepared for these minor hiccups will take the stress out of the day.

2) Hiring the right vehicles to move

If you visit a website like Moving Select, it will quote you approximate price and truck suggestions in your specific region. Provided that you are just moving the contents of a couple of rooms, then hiring a van may be all you need. Or better yet, you can even drive the van yourself and, according to Avis Rental, it can cost just under $300 for an entire weekend. When you are hiring a moving truck company, make sure you know their insurance policy if they have to hold your household items overnight. Freshome recommends asking about the company's policy when you book the truck so you know you are covered. Cross all the t's and dot all the i's.

Planning ahead will save you the stress of moving Planning ahead will save you the stress of moving

3) Make sure you have electricity and running water at your new home

Before you cut off the electricity to the home you're leaving, make sure you switch it on at your new home. In the chaos of moving, people need to be able to use the taps in the kitchen and bathrooms and to be able to see in the dark. Don't let these minor disruptions inconvenience you on the big moving day.

4) Make sure you label every box with a room

Even if it feels like dishes and you know that dishes belong in the kitchen, label it anyway. Being a label nerd will save you so much hassle when there are a multitude of people handling your things. Your moving day motto will be "a place for everything and everything in its place".

Whether you are moving by yourself or have friends to help you, the most important thing when moving is planning ahead.

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