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Nursery Decor Trends to Try

Nursery Decor Trends to Try

With the excitement of a new born on the way, part of the journey is decorating the nursery. It is truly a place where you can let your imagination run wild. From artworks to lights and storage, there is so much available and whether or not you know the sex of the baby, you can create an amazing space for your little bundle of joy. This article outlines the top trends in nursery décor, hopefully giving you inspiration when designing your baby’s space.

Wallpaper & wall decals

Wallpaper & wall decals are very much in fashion. They create interest to the walls of a room without having to repaint. You can choose to wallpaper a feature wall or the entire room and just like wall decals, you can purchase removable wallpaper. Having the choice of being able to remove wall treatments means 2 decades later, your child (now adult) will not have to explain the farm yard animal print to his or her friends. Current pattern styles in wallpaper and wall decals include geometrics, stripes, stars and dots. There is also a less is more trend of limiting your wall treatments to either two colours or choosing one colour to feature with either white or black.

Animal artworks

On design blogs we are currently seeing very realistic and sophisticated animal prints adorning nursery walls. Whether it is woodland, jungle or African animal theme, there is a trend to either hang 1 large piece or a series of 3, 4 or 6 artworks. The types of artworks can include pencil drawings, paintings, prints or photography.  Below are a few examples of on trend animal artworks.

Sophisticated colour palettes

Although baby blue & pink, soft pale lemon and apple green are great colours to use for a nursery, we have been noticing many on trend nurseries are exploring other colour palettes. Grey is always popular and is a great gender neutral choice, but lately more earthy tones are featuring with black and white used as a contrast. Gold and other metallic colours are also a nice compliment to use in wall decals and lighting. There is also a trend to use multiple bold colours, especially when it comes to furnishings such as cushions, mobiles and artworks. These items can be easily replaced when bub grows up and you need more age appropriate décor.

Tribal, teepee and triangle

Probably the most popular trend at the moment revolves around the nomadic tribal look and the use of the teepee as play area in nurseries. From this concept, you can introduce so many fun design elements into the nursery such as bow and arrow wall decals, tribal feather soft furnishings, triangular shaped shelving and natural wood elements. There are also a range of colours within this design style you can explore from grey, burnt orange and mustard yellow to navy, coral and pale turquoise. This theme also works just using black, white and grey.‚Äč

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