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8 decorating hacks for your rental property

8 decorating hacks for your rental property

Decorating a rental property can have its limits and challenges, but one thing to remember is that you don’t need to sacrifice style even if the property isn’t yours. Whether you live in an apartment or house, here are eight ways you can transform your new home without breaking the bank (or the rules of your tenancy agreement).


There’s not a lot you can do to the walls in your new rental property, but manufacturers are now offering removable wallpaper so you can easily give your interior a temporary refresh as the seasons change. Start by looking at floral or patterned wallpaper as a feature in your bedroom or living room. If wallpaper isn’t your style, then transform an empty wall with a mirror or a striking piece of art. Consider an abstract painting, a gallery of photographs, or make a statement with an oversized mirror as a centrepiece on a blank wall. Artwork and mirrors are a great way to attract the eye, and mirrors help make a room look more spacious by adding depth and reflecting light.


Like walls, there’s only so much you can change in your new rental property, but it’s not impossible, and the best and easiest place to start is with a rug. If you’re looking to cover floorboards or carpet that’s not your style, then choose a colourful or textured rug to elevate your look, which can easily be done without much effort or cost. The best way to maximise the impact of a rug is by putting it under your dining table or in the centre of your lounge room.


No matter the size of the property, there are always clever ways to optimise your storage options to make good use of the space available. If floor area is at a minimum, then remove standing furniture and opt for floating shelves to hold items like books, art or your TV. Removing bulky items like bookshelves, tables and cabinets can work wonders in helping you regain flooring, while giving you more space to enjoy or to use as additional storage. Likewise, look at installing hooks behind doors, adding some floating rails and racks along walls, and utlilising empty spaces above doors and under furniture.


Another effective way of elevating your interior without breaking the bank is with soft furnishings. Introduce light and colour with new bedding and accessories, or give your lounge room a springtime look with new cushion covers with bold colours and patterns, then top it off with a vibrant throw blanket. Don’t be afraid to layer and mix and match different patterns and textures to really bring your decorating to life.

“A colourful or textured rug to elevate your look, which can easily be done without much effort or cost.”


If the window furnishings in your new rental are a bit dated or just aren’t to your taste, then consider installing new blinds or curtains to introduce your own style into your home. White or neutral-coloured curtains can really help to brighten up rooms, as do blinds that are partially see-through, allowing the spring sunlight to stream into bedrooms and living areas. New window furnishings will not only freshen the look, but also hide any dated window sills or walls that you feel might need the attention taken off them.


If you want to change the look of the kitchen in your rental property, then a highimpact but cost-effective place to start is with appliances. Many brands are creating matching sets of kettles, toasters and blenders, even fridges, so think about the aesthetic you are trying to create, then match them with like-coloured utensils to create a colour-coordinated space. If you want your kitchen to make more of an impact, then add a large bowl or two of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables on the kitchen bench, as well as a vase of flowers to add a splash of colour. If storage or bench space is lacking, then opt for a rolling kitchen bench to move around as you need, then get some new bench stools to complete the look.


When you move into a new rental, oftentimes people think the hardware is permanent, but you can in fact change things to your personal style. This could be replacing the shower head in the bathroom, buying new handles for doors and cupboards, or installing new tapware in the kitchen. These small changes can make a world of difference to your interior, but be sure to put the existing hardware back on before you move out.


If your new garden and outdoor area is looking a little drab, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to give it a transformation with a bit of time and effort. Start by giving your garden a thorough clean and tidy, then consider planting new flowers in existing garden beds or buying some pots, planters or hanging baskets to scatter around. If you want to create a stylish and inviting area for spring entertaining, why not consider temporary decking, some new outdoor furniture and well-chosen accessories like an umbrella or colourful cushions for that special touch.


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