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A guide to finding the right property manager

A guide to finding the right property manager

Finding a suitable and affordable rental property in Canberra as a prospective tenant can be hard enough without the added mental strain of finding the perfect property management team. Danielle Gavin, Department Manager of Peter Blackshaw Manuka Property Management, said: “Tenants are often focussed only on finding the right property, but we believe that finding the right property management team is just as important.”

Equally, from an investor’s point of view, selecting an agency with a focus on good communication, customised services and a proven track record in maintaining your property is essential to ensuring your investment property is maintained well and continually tenanted. We’ve compiled the six key questions every tenant and investor should be able to answer confidently prior to engaging the services of a property management team:

Are they approachable?

Attending rental exhibitions can be time-consuming and stressful for prospective tenants. An agency that’s equipped to handle exhibitions in a professional and personable manner can make a big difference to the interest in the property, which is why it’s crucial that investors spend time doing their research, attending exhibitions and seeing how an agency works.

A property manager who is confident, knowledgeable, friendly and experienced is often a reflection of the rest of their team, and will prove invaluable for both investor and tenant at not only rental exhibitions, but throughout every stage of a tenancy.

Are they helpful?

A good property manager understands that not every property will be the right one for tenants and will use their local knowledge to provide them with suitable alternatives in the chosen area. From an investor’s point of view, a prospective tenant who attends an exhibition at another property could be matched with several others, even if they weren’t on their radar.

Are they flexible?

Because everyone has different lifestyles, personalities and needs, flexibility in real estate is of paramount importance, and property management is no exception. A flexible agency will, among other things, be able to hold exhibitions at unusual times and demonstrate a willingness to work around you.

This flexibility should continue throughout the tenancy and will make life easier for both tenants and investors, particularly when it comes to customising services and resolving maintenance issues.

Are they responsive?

Timely, honest and open communication is a cornerstone of good customer service. In a digital age, consumers have become used to immediacy of information and good agencies try to emulate this in their business.

Property managers who answer prospective tenants’ questions quickly and accurately are far more likely to sign a lease agreement earlier. Transparency in communication also leads to trustworthiness, an invaluable asset in a property manager.

Are they knowledgeable?

A knowledgeable property manager is better placed to assist both investors and tenants around the finer points of residential tenancy legislation. A tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract, so having a professional with a sound knowledge of the relevant law allows all parties to be comfortable and gain a clear understanding of the process.

A property manager’s broad knowledge of the current property and rental markets, as well as their extensive knowledge of the rental property itself, will prove very useful for investors and tenants respectively.

Are they innovative?

As well as producing high quality advertising material with professional photography, an agency at the forefront of the industry will have the ability to use technological innovations to better advertise and present the property.

Interstate and international tenants can gain a much better feel for a property with virtual tours and skype and facetime exhibitions.

Before signing on the dotted line, we’d suggest you go through the above. It could mean the difference between a smooth and successful tenancy and a stressful rental nightmare. We invite both prospective tenants and landlords to experience all our team have to offer.

To learn more about our tailored property management services towards tenants and landlords, contact your local Peter Blackshaw office. 

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