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COVID-19: Blackshaw's response

COVID-19: Blackshaw's response

Advice around appropriate responses to COVID-19 are rapidly evolving with updates to Government mandates and advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) developing daily.

As of this morning the Morrison Government have upgraded the travel ban on Australians to level 4 – meaning an immediate and indefinite international travel ban for all Australians. In addition to this, the current ban around public gatherings has been further restricted to 100 people or more.

While the number of confirmed cases in the ACT is still relatively low at present, it is important that we all play our part and do what we can to protect ourselves, our families and our community, and we want you to know this is a responsibility that the Blackshaw family is taking very seriously.

We want to ensure everyone that there is no need for panic and that remaining calm, but vigilant, is the best thing we can all do as we carry on in all aspects of our lives, while maintaining the ability to adapt to the changing circumstances around us.

What this means for us now

We are fortunate in our industry that our current market conditions in the ACT are strong, and that people will always need a home to live in, so for the most part, it will be business as usual for us and many businesses within the real estate sector.

Our business is closely following the advice from both the State and Federal Governments, as well as the WHO, and at present will still continue to open homes for viewing and conduct auctions as we have always done - with just a few extra measures in place to ensure the safety for both you, our clients and friends, and for our community.

From this week you will notice a few changes around our open homes and auctions. Please know that these are for the safety of both you, our clients and our staff.

What we are doing for you and for our team:

  • Providing hand sanitiser and/or antibacterial wipes for all on arrival.
  • Practicing social distancing by not shaking hands and requesting that you do the same.   
  • Ensuring our staff stay at home if they are exhibiting signs of illness and requesting that you do the same.               
  • Ensuring all touch points such as door handles and light switches within properties are wiped down before and after visits.
  • Opening all doors to properties with the use of doorstops and turning on all lights so that you may freely walk through homes without the need to touch anything.
  • Providing digital copies of property information flyers and alike which can be sent to you instantaneously when requested.
  • Ensuring all our team are always practising excellent hygiene.‚Äč

If you find yourself in social isolation or are simply uncomfortable with attending a public viewing of a property, our Blackshaw team are very happy to accommodate this and arrange either private   viewings/appointments or a virtual walk through of the property via Facetime or similar technology.

What this means for you as a Blackshaw client

We understand that the real estate industry is all about relationships and social interactions, and that stepping away from face to face meetings is somewhat unknown territory for us all. Outside of our open homes and auctions, our staff will be limiting face to face meetings where possible.

Although you might see a little less of us physically over the coming weeks, this doesn’t mean we are any less available to help you or your family. Thanks to the array of technologies we have available to us, we are ready to facilitate any meetings, appraisals or inspections via video conferencing.

If you are a tenant in a Blackshaw property and have a routine inspection scheduled over the coming weeks, we ask that if possible, you are not home for the inspection to limit contact. We understand that this may be cause for concern to some people, however you can rest assured that our staff will be taking all precautionary measures to minimise risk, including wearing disposable gloves and masks and will do their best to touch as little as possible within the property.

Just like those attending our open homes, we ask that if you have travelled overseas in the last 2 weeks, or displayed cold and flu symptoms or general unwellness, that you let us know immediately so that we can reschedule your inspection.

Looking forward

During these trying times it can be helpful to look for the positives in the situation. Where possible, enjoy some downtime at home with your family and loved ones. Just like our staff, the health and happiness of our community is a top priority, so doing all that we can to support one another through this troublesome time is critical.

The next few weeks, and months, will get tough for many, busy for most and stressful for all. There are a number of local small Canberra businesses that are undoubtably going to feel the brunt of this situation more than others and the only way we get through this is together. So, if you can, order some takeaway from your local restaurant and have it delivered and left at your front door to enjoy with family.

We as a collective community from all backgrounds, shapes, sizes and colours run our local economy and as history has taught us, will sure be the ones to rebuild it, because we are what makes Canberra and our country great.

Final note

The health and safety of our Blackshaw team, their families and our wider community is, and will remain, our number one priority.

So, while you’re looking after yourself and your family, do what you can to look out for your fellow neighbours, mates, colleagues and Aussies, and we promise to do the same.

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