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Canberra’s Mario Sanfrancesco ranks 45 on REB’s Australian Top 100 real estate agents

Canberra’s Mario Sanfrancesco ranks 45 on REB’s Australian Top 100 real estate agents

Canberra’s leading real estate agent Mario Sanfrancesco of Blackshaw Manuka, was Invited to speak at this year's Australian Real Estate Conference in the Gold Coast on Tuesday, 31 May. His topic It's a mental game, exemplified the mastery and discipline required to be consistently at the top for almost 30 years. Mario ranks in at 45 on the Real Estate Business (REB) Australia’s top 100 agents for 2022, the only agent in Canberra on the list. This huge recognition celebrates the $300 million dollars of annual real estate sales that Mario and his team action, equating to 120 to 130 Canberran homes each year. With an average sale price amongst the highest in Canberra, the real estate agent and auctioneer broke the highest price on record in the ACT when a home in Deakin sold at auction for $6.6million in April 2022. Last year, Mario and his team sold seven out of ten of the highest priced homes in Canberra.

Of the ranking, Mario says it’s nice to know where he and his team are pegged nationally, recognising his hardworking and high performing support team, Team Sanfrancesco.

While Mario says he is ‘reasonably’ competitive, it’s his deep understanding of his clients’ unique wants and needs from 25 years in the industry and a passion for the process that drives one of Australia’s best agents here.

“It’s not necessarily about the value of the home, but the value of the relationship with my clients. The process for any priced home is the same. Whatever the value of the home, it’s important to them,” said Mario.

Mario says being appointed to represent a client for the sale of their home in the first place still evokes a sense of achievement. “To be appointed to sell what is most often someone’s most valuable asset, it’s not a decision we take lightly,” said Mario.

“When I’m one on one with a client, being a part of that process and knowing I can be helpful keeps me in a flow state and doing what I love. My client might be someone who has just lost a partner, or are facing financial difficulty, or perhaps they’re excited because their family is growing and they’re selling to buy a bigger home,” said Mario.

“People’s requirements are different. My experience of having dealt with most scenarios that people go through in selling a property certainly is something that adds value to my clients.”

Mario says this experience is particularly relevant with changes to the current market. “I’ve been here before. I know what it takes to help my seller through this period, with the very best outcome the current market can offer."

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