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Cheap and fun hobbies to pick up this spring

Cheap and fun hobbies to pick up this spring

Whether it’s mastering the ukulele, discovering the art of knitting, or brushing up on your Spanish, this spring step out of your comfort zone and learn a new hobby or skill. Luckily, there are so many fun and fascinating things to learn that cost little to no money, and a heap that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Here are some ideas to give you inspiration and keep you and your loved ones entertained this season.

Photography by Joshua Hoehne


Learning another language apart from your native tongue is a skill that so many people wish to have, but so few actually master. The idea might seem daunting at first, but fear not, just choose one that sparks your interest and make it a daily habit to practise. To start, head online where there are thousands of free video tutorials available on YouTube, or try a language app like Babbel and Duolingo, which make language learning fun and super easy to pick up. You can also tap into the online platform, Conversation Exchange, where you share your English knowledge at the same time as learning another language.


Whether or not you’re artistic, there can be something very rewarding and therapeutic about working with your hands, and you’ll never actually know how good you’ll be at it – or how much you’ll enjoy it – until you have a go. Whether it’s channelling your inner Picasso with some painting, or trying your hand at drawing, calligraphy, photography, sewing, ceramics, sculpture, soap or candlemaking, there’s so much on offer for newbies when it comes to the arts. If you’re looking for supplies or starter kits, then head to websites like Etsy or your local craft store, or sign up to a short course to do something in person locally or online.

Photography by Hannah Bussing


If you’ve been itching to learn how to play your favourite song on the piano or guitar, want to try a new instrument like the ukulele, or simply just see if you’ve got a hidden musical talent, then there’s no better time to try than now. YouTube is the go-to place for tutorial videos for absolutely any instrument your heart desires, or if you’d prefer some in-person direction, then search for a music teacher in your local area to help you on your way.


If you’re a foodie or just a food lover and you want to refine your cooking skills, then this spring make a promise to yourself to jump into the kitchen, don your apron, and master that new recipe you’ve been eyeing off. If you’re a sweet tooth, teach yourself how to bake chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes, learn how to make a warm apple pie, or whip up some soft, fudgy salted caramel brownies. If savoury is more your style, then dust off those cookbooks or find some online recipes and try out something new with your favourite protein or ingredient. If you’re not sure where to start, or if you’re interested in trying new flavours or cuisines, then sign up to a local cooking class or take a private cooking lesson.

Photography by Toa Heftiba

Sometimes you can go your whole life without knowing how to play certain games, like chess or poker, or how to tackle sudoku or a cryptic crossword in the newspaper. Luckily, the internet is awash with instructions and tutorial videos to walk you through the fundamentals of absolutely any game or puzzle you could think of, so head online and teach yourself something new this spring. Then, once you’ve refined your new skills, get your friends and family together for a fun games night.


Are you keen to carve out some shapes on the ice, or whizz around town on your own set of wheels? Ice skating, rollerblading, roller skating and skateboarding can be done no matter your age or level of experience, and are sure-fire ways to have a good time while getting active. The Phillip Swimming and Ice Skating Centre is the best place to start if you’re interested in ice skating, where they’ll help you get started and give you all the kit you need. If you’re keen to try skateboarding, roller skating or rollerblading, all you need are some skates or a skateboard, protection, and somewhere to practise. As a tip, head out to your local skate park to watch and learn from others. Remember, start slow, know that it’s OK to fall, and have fun!

Photography by Diane Helentjaris


With spring finally here and much more inviting weather on its way, now is the ideal time to start gardening as a hobby. Taking care of a garden can not only be rewarding, improve the value of your home, but it’s also great for your health as it can reduce stress and lower your blood pressure. If you want to plant a new flower bed, sow some indoor seeds, grow your own vegetables, or tackle your weeds, then you’ll get the best advice from your local garden store or nursery, otherwise head online for countless articles, blogs and videos.


Whether you’re located in Canberra or the NSW South Coast, both regions have an abundance of luscious landscapes where hundreds of native bird species call home, including bushland, rainforests, grasslands, dry open woodlands, lagoons, and river mouths, so grab your binoculars and camera and head outdoors this spring. Popular bird watching spots in the territory include Mount Ainslie, Mount Majura, the Australian National Botanic Gardens and around Black Mountain. If you head to the Namadgi National Park you’ll find superb lyrebird, rose robin, bassian thrush and pilotbird, and a variety of waterfowl around the Jerrabomberra Wetlands. Along the NSW South Coast, head to the Morton, Booderee and Murramarang National Parks, and to any inlet, creek and lake and you’ll likely find seabirds, waterbirds, honeyeaters, king parrots, and more.

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