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Four Benefits to Selling in Summer

Four Benefits to Selling in Summer

With summer upon us, the traditional spring rush is firmly in the rear window. That means you’ll be listing your property in a quieter market for both buyers and sellers. While there are plenty of reasons to sell in spring, there’s no reason to shy away from the summer months. In fact, there are several benefits to utilising the warmer weather: here are our top four along with tips on how to make the most of the season.

1. Less competition

A quieter market means less competition for your home. In peak selling season, it can be easy to slip under the radar unless you have something that helps you stand out from the crowd. Summer, by contrast, typically means less houses on the market. That means less risk that your open is held at the same time as a similar house across town, and a much better chance that it’ll show up on the coveted first page of search results.

Once you’ve got people interested, the benefits of a quieter period continue. Your home will appear larger with less people walking through it and attendees will be able to find a parking spot. Local traffic is also likely to be quieter, with many people absent from Canberra for the summer break.

2. Determined buyers

The peak rental season for Canberra starts in November and doesn’t end until February. People are eager to get settled in time to enrol their children in school, or before Parliament sits for the first session of the year. Anyone looking to buy is likely to be on a similar timetable, or have another pressing reason why they don’t want to wait until the busy season.

What that means is that while there may be fewer buyers around, those who are looking are serious about finalising a place to live and often up against a deadline.  That helps you in negotiating the price you want and securing a sale that’s free of settlement conditions.

3. Great weather

The ACT is arguably at its best in summer, with median temperatures in the high twenties through December, January and February. Far better to showcase your home when the sun’s shining than wait until the chilly winter months. Longer days mean you can hold opens after work when it will still be daylight, and all that natural light streaming through your property will highlight its charms.

If your opens land on the hotter days that occur from time to time, consider holding your opens in the morning before the property has had time to heat up. If possible, make sure you’ve run the air conditioner for a few hours prior, keep your garden watered and open windows to catch any breeze. Offering cool relief to your visitors as they walk through the door will predispose them kindly to your property and help, not hinder, your chances.

4. Gardens are in bloom

The riot of spring flowers may have died down, but a well maintained summer garden is a beautiful sight as well. Your plants are healthy, your trees are in full leaf, and as long as you’ve kept up with the watering and mowing your lawn should be verdant as well. Put some plants on the front porch to maximise your curb appeal.

Bring some furniture outside to set the scene for lazy summer barbecues and evening drinks by the pool. With little chance of rain, you can even use soft furnishings and chairs that usually live indoors to create your tableau.

Long days, quiet streets and lush gardens all spell out a great time to sell your property. So don’t wait until autumn to put it on the market: contact your local Peter Blackshaw agent today and get that summer sale!

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