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How to create a beautiful garden this autumn

How to create a beautiful garden this autumn

Photography by Michael Podger

How to create a beautiful garden this autumn

If the summer sun has taken its toll on your garden, then now is the perfect time to give your green space some TLC. Autumn is also a great time for planting new flowers and vegetables ahead of winter and spring. Here are some ways to create a thriving garden that will survive the cooler months and be ready for the spring season.

Photography by Miskolin

Photography by Sandie Clarke


This autumn, dedicate a few hours to cleaning up your outdoor space after a long, hot summer. Activities such as weeding, mowing lawns, raking leaves, removing old or diseased plants, cleaning debris from garden beds, and giving flowers a prune can make a huge difference to how your garden looks, as well as the overall health of your plant life. Where you have soil, be sure to aerate it, then add some compost or manure to give it new life. Remember, healthy plants will be better equipped to resist the harsh cold weather and frosty Canberra mornings come wintertime, so make sure soil is well watered and fertilised regularly.

Photography by FarmVeld


If you want to add some fresh blooms to your garden this autumn, then opt for flowers that love the cooler conditions such as lavender, viola, snowdrops, pansies and jonquils. Before planting, be sure to choose the right location for your plants to thrive, making sure they have access to enough sun and water, and will have enough room to grow. If you’re not really a green thumb, then head to your local nursery for inspiration. Look for plants and flowers that are best suited for your garden to thrive in the cooler months and survive the winter frost, or seek out advice and recommendations from your local garden nurcery.

Photography by Raymond Klavins

Photography by Bibiann Avelar


How’s the lawn looking after the hot summer? If the answer is dry and drab, then the cooler months are the perfect time to aerate and use a liquid fertilizer while the earth is still warm. If the lawn is past the point of repair, consider laying new turf if budget allows. The cooler months are an ideal time for new turf as there are no long periods of hot, dry weather, and the ground isn’t too wet or too frosty.

Photography by Markus Spiske


Early-to-mid autumn is an opportune time to start or add to your vegetable patch as the days are long and the soil is warm. Early autumn is the perfect time to plant carrots, parsnips, swedes and beetroot, as well as parsley, coriander, baby spinach, globe radishes, silverbeet, garlic, onions and peas. Get ahead and plant vegetables now that will be ready for your spring harvest, such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and cabbage. Don’t wait until late autumn when the frost has begun as the best growing days will have passed. Be sure to keep soil moist, and remember to weed and mulch regularly.

Photography by Zoe Schaeffer


To transform an outdoor space this autumn, think about landscaping and styling in addition to tending to the plant life. Depending on the budget, add a new garden path or pavers, decorative pebbles, a water feature, or some contemporary outdoor lighting. Inject some colour and texture into the garden with a variety of pots and planters, or consider a brand new furniture setting to entertain during those sunny autumn days.

Photography by Ronin

Photography by Markus Spiske

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