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How To Pick A Real Estate Company To Look After Your Most Valuable Asset

How To Pick A Real Estate Company To Look After Your Most Valuable Asset

How does a great real estate agent earn your trust to sell your most prized asset?  Rob Peaker from our Tuggeranong office offers his insights.

Selling your property involves some hard conversations. About money, about trust, about letting go of something you deeply care about. It's a tough process, and you absolutely have to work with an agent you trust. You're letting someone else handle the process of selling a home you might have lived in for years – you don't just want the price you deserve, you also want the home to be treated with respect.

If you're thinking about selling, we have some tips from our Tuggeranong Principal Rob Peaker on how to choose an agent that will do right by your biggest asset.

1) Not everyone can communicate

"Anyone can put a sign up and run some ads," Rob says. "But not everyone can communicate and negotiate well – that's where the value in an agent is."

"Vendors absolutely must feel confident that an agent has their best interests at heart. That means agents must build a rapport, ask the hard questions, work out exactly what a vendor needs and act on that."

Without research and communication, an agent might not have much to offer you.

"People are often uncomfortable negotiating the price of something they love. A good agent is on hand to mediate and have the difficult conversations about this. It's an open, working conversation which has to be built on trust and respect."

2) A good agent is part of a good team

"A good agent doesn't work in isolation," Rob notes. "I can be well-organised, have a clear marketing plan and communicate well, but the backing of an expert team is something that really instils confidence in the vendor."

"For example – while many of our agents have 10, 20 or even 30 years’ experience in the Canberra market, we have a full team of experts to help out. Marketing specialists, property managers and even home stylists all come together to present your home in its best light."

3) Track records are vital

Perhaps more important than all of this is having a good track record, Rob explains.

"Good agents have to demonstrate they know what they're doing from the start. That means in-depth research on the market, providing examples of similar property sales they have completed, and incorporating local knowledge of facilities and amenities into a marketing plan."

"If an agent can't demonstrate why they're perfect for your property specifically, you might need to look elsewhere. Vendors are paying a big sum of money for the services of a real estate agent, so they deserve the very best results."

Want to find out more about securing an agent you can trust with your most valuable asset? Talk to the team at Peter Blackshaw Real Estate today.

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