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In bloom: Your guide to sustainable flowers this spring

In bloom: Your guide to sustainable flowers this spring

Springtime spells new life and bright blooming flowers, and there’s nothing nicer than bringing a pop of colour and a touch of nature indoors. If you’re looking to brighten up your home or office this season, then Floral Image is sure to have something perfect for your space.

Photography by Vinyl Wrap

Floral Image is an Australian-based business that has expanded to over 85 locations in 21 countries across the world. They have a name for creating vibrant arrangements of lifelike flowers in a range of design trends and styles to suit any interior.

Whether it’s a small bunch of blooms in your living or meeting room, or a large bouquet at the entry of your home or office reception, artificial flowers are an affordable and high-impact way to bring colour indoors and can make as much of a statement as a piece of furniture or artwork.

Sustainability has become a priority for many, and with Floral Image, you can have good quality, long-lasting blooms that lower your carbon footprint at a fraction of the cost of fresh flowers. Over an average 5-year lifespan, Floral Image arrangements are 80 times better for the environment.

Arrangements come in three different sizes to enhance the atmosphere of any space, large, medium or small. Floral Image delivers a new design to your home or office every four weeks, with a promise to stay fresh all month long. They also offer a free trial and no contracts.

Photography by Alisa Anton

What’s more, their lifelike flowers don’t have the maintenance that fresh flowers do – think no water or spills, no contact, no allergies, no bugs or flies, and they are antimicrobial too.

If you’re looking for great value and a sustainable alternative to fresh flowers across Canberra and the South Coast, then look no further than Floral Image.

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