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Interior Design Trends for 2018

Interior Design Trends for 2018

"There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.” This quote from Marie Antoinette rings true for the interior trends of 2018, as we up the ante with a revival of colours, materials, fabrics and shapes from the past.  This article will outline five ways you can practically inject some 2018 interior design trends into your home.


Scandinavian minimalism has definitely receded, and it could not be any more obvious than in upcoming furniture trends. This year, there will be a focus on quality furniture that combines luxurious materials. Velvet will make a comeback and it will do so in rich tones that pack a punch. Deep green, violet, ochre and rose tones are set to top the trend. Lounges and upholstered dining chairs will have the curve appeal and appear to be a lot lower, giving a more sensual feel than what we have seen in previous years. Fabrics like velvet will be paired with rich, dark wood tones. Tables, sideboards and furniture legs will be made from timbers such as walnut, teak and mahogany, reviving the look seen in New York’s Upper East Side. Marble will also remain a feature in furniture, but this year there will be an exploration of darker and richer coloured marbles. The 2018 marble tones of black and charcoal will depart from the white marble that has been used in previous years.

Kitchen Design

To complement the furniture trends outlined above, kitchens will become statement pieces through the application of colour and material. Monochromatic colour palettes appear to be behind us, with the focus now on darker woods, high contrast marbles, and highly saturated colours. With the Pantone colour of the year being Ultra Violet, some interior designers are predicting kitchen cabinetry to be bold, using colours such as violet, emerald and deep blue. The luxury continues by combining these colours with darker wood and brass. Brass tapware and hardware has been popular for a few years, but in 2018, the material will be seen with other sumptuous finishes, as opposed to the pared-back minimalist materials of late. There is also a belief that kitchen splashbacks will celebrate the handmade, through the application of thicker, square ceramic tiles that have geometric patterns. The humble sink will no longer be your standard stainless steel but made of materials such as copper, ceramic and stone.


Lighting will be a combination of functionality and design. Luminaries will now boast increased intelligence, sensors, and built-in wireless connectivity, all while looking like something from the past. Vintage oversized pendants are set to complement your rich interior surroundings. The warmer bulb teamed with mid-century modern and Art Deco-style lights will work nicely with the velvet fabric and rich timbers. Brass will also carry through from the kitchen into your lighting fixtures. Black and white luminaries are always in fashion and this year is no exception.  


We have touched on fabrics briefly above whilst discussing furniture, but it is important to note that fabrics will play a big role in the interior trends of 2018. Not only will velvet make a comeback, but other bold and statement fabrics will also make an appearance. Floral prints are making a big comeback in colours that pop. The movement towards these floral – also called chintz – fabrics is a nod to the 80s, but this year, the pastel will be less prominent, and the jewel colour tones will revive the style. The floral will also include tropical prints that compliment the emerald, ochre and deep blue colours nicely. It seems whatever is bold, bright and luxurious is in!


Plants were the ‘Number 1’ trendsetter for 2017, so it is not surprising the plant trend is set to continue in 2018. To find out more about how you can inject some oxygen into your indoor space, please read our article on indoor plants here.

Whatever interior trends you like, it is important that you make your house feel like a home. If you are interested in finding out what interior trends are currently appealing to buyers, please contact one of our Peter Blackshaw agents today.

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