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My Online Appraisal: Property Estimations online or in person

My Online Appraisal: Property Estimations online or in person

Blackshaw Real estate offer market appraisals in person, or entirely on-line.

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Blackshaw Real Estate has a long history of innovation in the property market. We’ve been Canberra’s leading premium residential agency since 1988 and we’ve been at the forefront of several ‘firsts’.

In 1988, we introduced professional auction systems to Canberra. Before our arrival in the market, properties were rarely auctioned: today around a third of all ACT properties are sold at auction and we are widely considered the market leaders in that area.

Blackshaw was the first agency to use property sketches in newspaper advertisements to illustrate the home. Prior to introducing that innovation, property advertisements were text-only, giving potential buyers no sense of what the house actually looked like.

In 1997, we took that one step further and became the first agency to advertise properties with coloured images. When that met with success, we went on to be the first agency in Canberra to use photographic images.

With this much experience and innovation on display, it’s no surprise that we negotiated Canberra’s first million-dollar sale, or that we are a multi-award winning business.

But we aren’t resting on our laurels: we’re always striving to offer our clients more.

100% Online Property Estimation Service

That’s why we’re launching

If you’re thinking of selling or leasing property, knowing its market value is immensely valuable. Most of the websites offering an online estimate use an automatic algorithm to determine a figure. These simply look at the last sale price without taking into account any improvements you’ve done and use nearby houses without considering their differences.

By contrast, My Online Appraisal is a convenient 100% online tool which connects you with an experienced local agent for a personalised estimate of your house’s value.

What’s unique about My Online Appraisal is that you’ll get a real person, with real local expertise, for the most accurate price guide possible. Our experienced agents know how much that new kitchen will translate to in the market, or whether the proposed infrastructure project will bump up property prices. An algorithm doesn’t.

There’s no need to leave your couch: My Online Appraisal is completely online and can be used at your convenience.

The process is simple. Visit and type in your address and property details. The site will prompt you to detail your approximate living area, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have, and any alterations that have been made to the property.

If you have an ongoing relationship with any Blackshaw agent, you can let us know that as well and we’ll prioritise that when we match you with the right person.

Within one business day of submitting your request, you’ll receive a written report from us. The report will include comparative properties and take into account the unique features of your home.

Blackshaw strives to put our clients at the center of everything we do, we understand people are busier than ever and there is a lot of information available which can often be overwhelming and confusing. My Online Appraisal is our latest innovation, created by our team to deliver a convenient, stress free experience for you.

If you would like to know how much your home or investment property is worth, visit now and receive your detailed report within one business day.

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