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Kitchen Trends for 2015

Kitchen Trends for 2015

The kitchen is the centre of the home, so it is only natural that the newest trends are all about making the kitchen a warm, homely and inviting space.  Below are six of the latest trends in kitchen design

1. Matt finishes

Five years ago the standard cabinetry choice was a paint colour in a gloss or semi-gloss polyurethane finish with a Caesarstone quartz bench top. Now the trend is to explore many different options, but in particular the matt finish. A matt texture is non-reflective and therefore doesn’t have that clinical look. It can include wood grain finishes for cabinetry, a honed stone for bench tops as well as solid colours for both. A really effective matt finish is black, as seen below. For that on trend look, a great compliment for matt cabinetry is pairing it with brass tap ware and a subway tile.

2. Open shelving

With the industrial and open plan concept becoming a key trend within interior design, the idea of using open shelving in our kitchens has become very popular. Open shelving goes hand in hand with open plan and informal living. It also creates a sense of space in smaller kitchens and gives home owners the ability to display beautiful dining and serving ware, providing the same purpose as the old fashioned dining room display cabinets. Below we can see this home owner also displays their artwork and homewares!

3. Marriage of the contemporary & the traditional

As our exposure to interior design has increased through reality TV, design blogs and online magazines, so too has our need to create a kitchen design that is unique and has wow factor. A popular trend is to bring the character back into our kitchens by merging design elements from various styles. An example of this is marrying traditional paneled cabinetry with a contemporary chevron Calcutta marble splashback. There is also a trend to combine the farmhouse concept with a contemporary kitchen; this might be through using a farmhouse style freestanding multi oven or butlers sink with a flat paneled cabinet as per the image below.

4. Cabinetry hardware

Over the past year especially, there has been a revival of the cabinetry handle and knob. Hardware is adorning our cupboard doors and drawers as we move beyond the contemporary push to open system. This interest in hardware has engaged suppliers to develop more exciting and varying finishes. We can now choose between so many different materials and finishes including black, graphite, bronze, white, copper and even leather.  Of course a lot of these finishes have been available for a long time, but the difference is, suppliers are now giving us the option of these finishes in a contemporary look. The humble hardware adds another textural layer and dimension to our kitchens, sometimes making the cabinetry have the appearance of a beautiful piece of furniture. 

5. Combining textures and finishes

With new technology in kitchen products giving us access to a wide variety of design options, it has become common practice to combine various textures, finishes and colours. The advancement of laminated products has really made these design elements more affordable and the selection of what is available enables you to mix and match. If you have the eye for it, you can combine a lot of elements while still showing restraint, ensuring the finishes do not fight with each other.  This can include combining solid colour laminate, wood veneer, stone, patterned splashbacks etc.

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