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Latest Update on Restrictions for the ACT Real Estate Industry

Latest Update on Restrictions for the ACT Real Estate Industry

Blackshaw Real Estate is committed to providing safe, reliable and quality real estate support, motivated by excellent service standards and positive customer experiences. In order to provide you with the highest level of customer service possible, we always operate within the guidelines set by the government for buying, selling, listing and renting during lockdown.

During this uncertain period, government restrictions for the real estate market are constantly changing. To make this process as positive and painless as possible we have made it our goal to keep you updated on the latest changes to restrictions as the government seeks to find the best balance between safety and opening up the economy.

Take a look at the latest update of restrictions for the ACT real estate industry:

Private Inspections:

  • 1 on 1 (private) inspections have been approved:
    • Agents will be allowed inside the home to help showcase the property’s features to potential buyers or tenants
    • Gloves will not be required to be worn during the inspection
  • 1 on 1 (private) inspections for both residential and commercial* property will be allowed to commence at 11.59pm on Friday 17th September 2021
  • Real estate agents must conduct the inspections in 15-minute intervals, followed by a 15-minute interval prior to the next inspection
  • The inspection period can run for a maximum of 2 hours, which allows for a maximum of four inspections and four break intervals
  • More than one person can attend the private inspection if it is attended by members of the same household
  • No other people can be present at the time of the inspection, including residents of the property
  • Masks and check-ins are mandatory - the government has flagged that there will be zero tolerance for agencies/agents not complying. Failure to comply may result in the closure of business

Compliance for Agents/Agencies

  • Advertisements for appointments must advise that inspections will be at 15-minute intervals for a maximum of 2 hours
  • Project display suites must advertise and have display signage stating inspections can be by appointment only - note that the 15-minutes intervals also applies
  • Agents must keep a copy of a calendar of scheduled inspections for compliance requirements. The calendar must include information on the attendees of the inspection to allow them to be identified.
  • No directional signage for inspections will be allowed
  • No installations of signboards will be allowed
  • If the residence is unoccupied up to 2 property stylists can attend the residence to style the property prior to sale
  • If there are no other people present one person may photograph or film the property to update the listing or to send directly to prospective buyers


  • In-person auctions are not permitted, all property auctions must take place online


  • Appraisals will only be allowed when requested by a vendor or landlord, in line with the current health directive for “Inspections required by law for sale of property”

*Commercial inspection compliance requirements may be different

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