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Low-maintenance garden ideas for your investment property

Low-maintenance garden ideas for your investment property

Winter may not seem like the time to think about your garden, but despite the cool conditions there’s a lot you can do to brighten up your outdoor space while keeping maintenance at a minimum. Here are some simple, winter-friendly ideas that will ensure your garden thrives from lease to lease.

Love your lawn

A well-kept lawn can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your garden without being a burden for you or your tenants. The best way to keep your lawn thriving in the cooler weather is by adding a winter liquid fertiliser to help strengthen grass and boost growth. If your lawn isn’t in the best shape, you could consider laying new turf. Winter is an ideal time to do this as there are no long periods of hot, dry weather often requiring additional maintenance and watering. For the most fuss-free option, opt for artificial turf, which requires no watering, mowing or feeding. Depending on the type of material you choose, synthetic lawns can cost between $30 and $49 per sq/m and can last upwards of 25 years. Alternatively, you can further reduce the maintenance hours in the garden by replacing some or all of your lawn with stylish pavers or a raised wooden deck.

Plants and flowers

The quickest way to minimise garden maintenance is by removing needy flowers and plants that often require regular pruning, spraying and fertilising. Instead, replace them with perennials and hardy evergreen blooms that need minimal care and can withstand harsh temperatures. If you want to brighten your outdoor space this winter, then opt for Snowdrops and Snowflakes. These hardy flowers thrive in cooler conditions and are best planted under or around shrubs and trees where there is light shade. Other evergreen options include Lavender, White Rose, Daphne, Luculia and Lily of the Valley. Alternatively, if you want to reduce garden maintenance even more, then try planting shrubs or slow-growing hedges in all of your flower beds. If you’re considering some trees for your outdoor space, then opt for Japanese Maple, Manchurian Pear, Crab Apple or Crepe Myrtle. These colourful deciduous options are not only perfect for winter, but also hardy enough to withstand the Australian heat – but be sure to plant them before summer arrives.


Smart landscaping

Low-maintenance landscaping doesn’t have to be bland or uninspired, however with some creativity you can elevate the look of your garden and boost the value of your investment property. Think of options such as well-placed outdoor lighting, decorative rocks, steppingstones or pavers, stylish pots or a garden path that really makes a statement. Likewise, consider a fish-free natural pond, an effortless water feature like a bird bath, or structures such as arches, arbours or pergolas that can also pack a punch. The benefit of these additions is that once they are in place, they will instantly transform your garden with little to no ongoing maintenance.

Fresh mulch

New mulch is a simple, low-maintenance and effective way of making your garden look clean, fresh and well-manicured. Adding fresh mulch to flower beds and pots is also extremely cost-effective, as some options can reduce watering by up to 60 per cent. Mulch is also known for prolonging plant life, especially in the colder months as it helps to regulate soil temperatures, insulates plant roots from frost and prevents erosion. It is also your first line of defense against weeds. Mulches can come in a range of organic and synthetic materials, including straw, bark, scoria, gravel and stone river pebbles. Be sure to research the type of mulch that is best suited to your plants and flowers.

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