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Maintaining warm rental property relations this winter

Maintaining warm rental property relations this winter

Photography by Gabrielle Henderson

The role of a Property Manager is crutital to the relationship between the property owner and tenant to ensure they both feel understood, supported and valued.

Both relationships are important to the ongoing property maintenance. This is particually important during winter when the possibilities of repair and remediation are heightened.

Maintenance And Repairs

Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, it’s important to address maintenance issues as and when they arise, not just at routine inspections. Equally, inspections offer an opportunity for tenants to raise issues that are not their responsibility or for problems that need addressing before they get worse and cause further damage. When tenants prepare for a routine inspection, they should take extra time to go through every inch of the property and make a list of anything that may need looking into – visibly worn electrical wiring, ongoing water leaks, a regularly blocked sink or signs of mould and rising damp. While it’s a tenant’s responsibility to ensure the property is clean, tidy and undamaged, it is the landlord’s responsibility to address and rectify structural, plumbing or electrical issues. Tenants play an important role in raising issues in a timely manner to ensure the property stays in the best possible condition. Likewise, property managers have strict procedures to ensure maintenance issues and repair requests are raised with the landlord, and are provided with solutions for rectification. Landlords will always be contacted first to obtain approval before proceeding with any maintenance, and it’s important that issues are rectified as soon as possible.

Condensation And Damp

Preventing and managing condensation during winter can be challenging – the cause of this is the clash of cold and warm air and the lack of ventilation creating the perfect breeding ground for mold to grow and moisture to reside – it is an issue taken seriously, particularly during winter.

Prevention tips :
- Ensure the fans are working effectively to reduce the circulation of moisture; It is vital to advice your Property Manager at the earliest possible time if these are ineffective.

- Leaving windows slightly ajar on warmer days will help airflow and reduce mold growth ; a dehumidifier can be especially helpful in these situations.

- When tenants identify a mold or damp issue, they should contact the Property Manager to avoid a potential health risk for people and their pets as well as damage to furniture and the property itself.

Your Property Manager is there to look out for you, the property you live in or the property you own.

Photography by Patrick Hendry

Photography by Towfiqu Barbhuiya

Heating And Hot Water

As the temperature begins to fall, it’s time for tenants to test that their heating is working efficiently and their home will be warm and cosy before the frosts begin.

Turn all systems on, check if they are heating up or circulating hot air ; all systems should also be checked for faulty, cracked or damaged cords and outlets. If there is anything that doesn’t work properly or doesn’t look right let your property manager know, they are there to help. (The same approach applies to hot water – any irregularities to flow, pressure and temperature should be mentioned.)

Using rugs to cover tiled or wooden flooring, will help to keep the home warm, and where possible, try draft blockers to reduce air flow around doors and windows. If there are any large or problematic gaps and cracks that require repair or remediation, call your Property Manager for prompt and friendly assistance.

Landlords want to maintain the property in a reasonable condition and this includes everything being in working order as well as adhering to correct safety standards. Property managers and landlords should monitor and organise the regular service of heating and hot water systems to ensure they are operating safely and effectively for tenants. Ongoing maintenance of these systems can not only prevent unnecessary and costly repairs and replacement, but can prolong the life of the hot water system too – and keep for happy tenants not just in winter, but all year long.

Photography by Emmanuel Ikwuegubu

Photography by Towfiqu Barbhuiya

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