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Maintaining your home throughout its lifetime

Maintaining your home throughout its lifetime

Your property is one of your greatest assets. With this in mind it is important that as a property owner you do all you can to maintain the property throughout its lifetime to protect and grow your asset, so at the time of eventual sale you receive the best possible cash profit from your investment.

Here are some tips on how you can upkeep your property so it stays nice and maintained all year round:


• The front of your house should be beyond reproach. It's one of the first things a buyer sees. Sweep and wash the driveway and walkways to remove debris, dirt and stains. Remove any oil stains if possible. Repair and patch any cracks.
• Check your fence for any loose or broken posts and replace any rotted wood.
• Check gutters for leaks or damage and remove debris.
• Lawn care: mow high and often. Feed the lawn with fertiliser, treat weeds, and aerate the lawn in high traffic areas.
• Trim your plants with secateurs.
• Clean out your irrigation system twice a year to ensure your plants get the best quality water and at the same time remove material that can settle in the lines and block the filters. (Unscrew the drip or spray outlets, flush the line, then clean the filter).
• Promptly pull out weeds or spray with specialised weed killer as soon as they appear and before they set seed.
• Mulch garden beds to prevent soil drying out too quickly and hinder weed growth.
• Inspect exterior paint and touch up as needed.
• Clean and seal decks if needed.
• Cut back overhanging trees from the roofline.
• Repair/replace any damaged window screen mesh.
• Inspect walls and ceilings for cracks, leaks, mildew or water stains.
• Inspect roof for damage.
• Winterise the pool.
• Reseal concrete areas to prevent cracking and deterioration.


• Check smoke detectors.
• Clean and disinfect the dishwasher by operating it when it’s empty and putting bicarbonate soda in the detergent tray and vinegar in the rinse holder.
• Vacuum refrigerator coils.
• Empty fridge waste container.
• Check doors and windows for cracked seals and peeling paint. Repair as needed.
• Dust/vacuum the tops of cupboards.
• Move furniture that you don't normally move and vacuum thoroughly.
• Inspect bathroom and kitchen tiles and sinks and reseal where needed.
• Clean curtains and blinds.
• Soften potentially offending views, but always let light into your rooms. Consider replacing heavy curtains with something lighter.
• Wash all of the windows.
• Clean light fittings and skylights and if your kitchen has fluorescent lighting fixtures, use ‘warm-white’ bulbs for a bright appearance.
• Clean kitchen exhaust hood and filter.
• Clean sliding door and window tracks.
• Clean debris from ceiling fan blades and air conditioner fan blades before using.
• Check taps and supply lines of plumbing for signs of leakage.
• Test the pressure relief value on your hot water system to ensure it hasn’t seized up.
• Repair loose knobs, latches or handles on doors.
• Make storage areas appear generous and well planned. Remove and store all out-of-season clothing.
• Remove any items from the floor area - this will make a wardrobe seem more spacious.
• Hang an air freshener in the wardrobe for a pleasant fragrance, ensuring wardrobe interiors smell fresh and clean.
• Ensure all wardrobe lights are in working order.
• Add battery lights to wardrobes that lack built-in lighting, as illuminated wardrobes appear bigger and more attractive.


For further information or keeping your property maintained contact your local agent for a copy of “Maintaining your property for Profit” booklet– visit

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