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Preparing For An Open Home

Preparing For An Open Home

Open house inspections are a crucial part of your marketing campaign. They’re your best chance to entice potential buyers by showcasing the elements that make your home special. And for some, they can also be quite nerve wracking.

How your property is presented can determine what offers come in, so it’s worth putting some time and effort into helping your home shine.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some simple tips to help you prepare for your open home.

1. Don’t neglect curb appeal

A potential buyer will be forming their first impression of your property even before they step inside, so spend some time sprucing up the exterior. It’s a great idea to hire a pressure washer and sluice down the walls and door, which tend to attract grime from the street. Any lawns should be newly mowed, while hedges and bushes can always benefit from a trim. Weeds should be ruthlessly disposed of and replaced with a few flowering pots for a welcoming entranceway.

Peeling paint on the windows is a no-no, so grab a brush and repaint if necessary. Make sure window furnishing are clean and hanging straight. Rubbish bins should be tucked completely out of sight or removed altogether.

2. Make sure it’s spotless

Now is not the time to scrimp on the housework. When you live in a house for a long time, it’s all too easy to ignore the smears on the windows or the scratches on the floors. People coming in with a fresh perspective will spot the imperfections, though, so make sure you get the place as spotless as you can.

Carpets should be professionally steam cleaned. Windows need to be sparkling inside and out; hire a window cleaner if any of the glass is difficult for you to reach. Make sure wooden furniture is polished or waxed, and that hard floors are meticulously washed.

Check and clean the grout in shower cubicles and tiled bathrooms, where mold or staining can ruin an otherwise beautiful space. In the kitchen, everything should be immaculate, but pay particular attention to stainless steel appliances: they’re a selling point, so make sure they gleam.

3. Declutter

To make your house look bigger and brighter, a ruthless declutter is in order. Now is the perfect time to get rid of those things you no longer want or use, and as a bonus, it’ll cut down on the packing later!

Clear away all surface paraphernalia. That includes the lotions and serums that crowd your bathroom counter, as well as the small appliances taking up space in the kitchen. Surfaces should be as clear as possible, with perhaps a beautiful bottle of hand soap or a bowl of fresh fruit taking centre stage instead.

If your bookshelves are crammed with books, pack away at least half. The same goes for display shelving; choose one or two ornaments to display and pack the rest away.

Lastly, try removing at least one piece of furniture from each room, and more if necessary. Leave just enough to indicate how the room is used. This lets potential buyers imagine the space as their own.

If you’re not sure if you’ve been ruthless enough, ask a trusted friend or your Peter Blackshaw agent to come and view the home. They’ll be able to spot things that you’re too familiar with to really see.

4. Depersonalise

When people come into your property, they want to see themselves living there. The more neutral your styling, the easier it is for them to project their own family onto the rooms.

That means packing up the family photographs and taking down any religious displays or political messaging. If you’ve painted the rooms in bold, statement colours, consider painting over them with a neutral tone.

Kids’ spaces can also benefit from a sweep. Keep the styling to indicate that it’s a great space for a family, but store away the finger paintings and the wonky Mother’s Day cards. Toys, teenage posters and the hand written daily schedule should be stored as well.

Add some fresh flowers, throw open the windows, and let your beautiful house shine!

For more advice on how to sell your home, contact your local Peter Blackshaw agent.

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