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Refresh Your Bathroom On A Budget

Refresh Your Bathroom On A Budget

Whether you are looking to update your bathroom to sell your property or you just want to update the space to enjoy, you can create a great look without spending thousands on a full renovation. The best way is to focus your efforts on those elements that will create the most impact without costing a lot. Here are our 5 tips for refreshing your bathroom on a budget.

Paint your tiles
The first thing to consider is painting your wall and floor tiles. If your tiles are in good condition with no cracks, painting them can save you thousands while giving that new look you’re after. There are speciality paints for tiles and you need to put in the efforts to prepare the tiles prior to priming and painting. Ensure you use a tile cleaner to remove soap residue. Following that, give them a light sand as this will assist the paint to bond to the surface. Once you have cleaned the dust away, use a tile primer and around 4 hours later, a tile paint. This works really well for tiles with a strong coloured pattern that you want to update for a modern look.

Re-enamel or paint your bath
Baths can be very expensive to replace. It involves engaging a plumber, which can significantly increase costs if you want a bath that doesn’t look 20 years old. At a reasonable expense of around $400-$600, depending on the material of your bath, you can re-enamel it or paint it. It will instantly make your bathroom look cleaner and newer. This can be a great idea if you have a 70s style pink, pale green or baby blue bath and want to make it white to suit today’s design aesthetic.

Freshen up your grout
No matter how well you clean your bathroom, grout is very porous and can easily stain, so can really detract from the overall look of the bathroom if it appears dirty. There are a few options to freshen up your grout without going to the expense of hiring a tiler to re-grout. Look at making a paste from Bicarbonate of Soda and water. Use a toothbrush to scrub the grout and rinse after 10 minutes. This will improve the overall look of your grout and enable you to reseal it to help prevent any future staining. You can also rejuvenate old grout by applying a ready-to-go coloured grout product. After cleaning your grout, apply this product directly onto the grout. You can achieve a new look by changing the colour of your grout to grey or black.

Add open shelving
If you are short on storage or just need a space to put some decorative items in your bathroom, hanging open shelving is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to add another layer to your bathroom. If you have a very stark and minimal bathroom, consider installing a few natural oak shelves on a wall next to your vanity or above your toilet. This will add another texture, bring some warmth and allow you to display towels, candles and plants in the bathroom.

New lighting
Feature lighting can be added to give bathrooms a warm and inviting feel. If you have a large bathroom with freestanding bath, consider a gorgeous pendant or chandelier above the bath to create a focal point and instant “wow” factor. Wall-mounted lights either side of your mirror will give you a soft and even glow. Downlights above a mirrored vanity cast shadows and are not appropriate for applying make-up. You could also investigate replacing your mirror with a dimmable LED light and mirror combination, which will give you control over the level of lighting a create the perfect environment for getting ready. 

These are just some of the ways you can create a new, refreshed look for your bathroom. For more information on what will add value you to your property, please contact one of our Peter Blackshaw agents today.

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