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Renovate your bathroom on a budget

Renovate your bathroom on a budget

Is your bathroom looking a bit dated and drab? Maybe it’s time for a makeover. Renovating is a fantastic way to boost your bathroom’s look and functionality, as well as your home’s interior appeal. It can also add to your property’s value if you’re thinking of selling. However, renovations don’t need to be costly. An impressive and practical space can be achieved no matter your budget.

Here’s our guide to help inspire your dream bathroom renovation project.

Planning 101

Any good renovation project starts with thorough planning and research before any work is carried out. Be sure to make a detailed budget and outline what you want to achieve with your new bathroom, taking into consideration your expected time frame and the impact it will have on your daily life. Don’t forget to leave some room in the budget for unexpected costs and incidentals. Seek the advice of professionals and get several quotes for materials and labour before you enlist the work of contractors. Need inspiration? Head online to the likes of Pinterest and Instagram, browse through some interior and home improvement magazines and visit your local bathroom or hardware store.

Keep costs down

There are many great ways to save money on your bathroom renovation if you are trying to keep project costs down. Firstly, consider whether you can keep your existing plumbing in place and work your new design around it. This could save you hundreds, if not thousands depending on what you want to achieve. To save even more you could also keep your existing layout and simply give everything a new look, whether that’s with a fresh coat of paint or new tiles. DIY is also another great way to reduce your expenses, especially when it comes to painting and decorating. If you’re a bit of a handyman, then you could possibly do the tiling and waterproofing yourself. However, be sure to only take on what you know and leave the trickier things, like plumbing and electrical, to the professionals.

Shower and bath

An old shower or rusty bathtub can date your bathroom so make these a priority come renovation time. For new showers, you’ll make the biggest impact with an elegant pivot shower screen or sleek, frameless glass. If you have the budget, a new bath is worth the investment as it can really make a statement. However, baths can be expensive to replace so at a fraction of the price why not give it a new coat of paint or look to re-enamel it.


A vanity is often the focal point of a bathroom so think carefully when planning your renovation project. The right vanity can completely revive the look of your bathroom so look for styles that are modern and timeless to get the best bang for your buck over the long term. The same thinking applies to a mirror – consider how you can make a statement with a new mirror while giving the illusion of more space. As you plan your new bathroom and look at vanity options, consider your storage needs as this is usually the primary storage space. If your budget doesn’t allow for a new vanity, look at ways you can refresh your existing structure, whether by refacing doors and drawers with a new material or giving it a coat of high-quality, moisture-proof paint.

Tiles and paint

New tiling is one of the most effective ways to revamp your bathroom’s visual appeal. If your budget allows, consider floor-to-ceiling tiles which can really make a statement. Likewise, a patterned or textured feature strip above the vanity or a feature wall in the shower can create a sophisticated finish. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, consider large tiles to make it feel bigger and more open. If you don’t want to retile, why not consider painting your existing floor and wall tiles with a new colour and refresh old, stained grouting with clean white, black or grey. Give untiled walls a fresh coat of moisture-resistant paint to make your bathroom space look new again.

Fittings and fixtures

An economical and inexpensive way to uplift your bathroom is with new fittings and fixtures. Invest in a set of quality silver tapware for your sink, shower and bath, as well as some new towel rails, a modern shower head and some high-end handles to give your vanity doors a contemporary look. Replacing your old toilet or even getting a new toilet seat can make a difference without breaking the bank. Another effective way to make your bathroom look smart is replacing old wall and light switches. Try to match these with the finish of your tapware, hooks and handles so everything is stylishly synchronised.

Let there be light

No bathroom makeover is complete without new lighting so take some time to think about your lighting needs and the mood you want to create. Feature lighting isn’t just for your living area – any bathroom can benefit from a statement pendant, an elegant chandelier over a bath or some stylish wall-mounted lights. When you look at options, consider if you also need a heat lamp, a fan and whether the type of lighting over the mirror is adequate for when you get ready.

Accessorise with style

You can really make your bathroom look like something out of an interiors magazine with quality accessories. Think plush new towels, a matching sink tumbler set, some statement greenery and a few candles. You can showcase these accessories with open shelving which will also double as storage if you need it. Small additions like these can make an impact without a big price tag, so don’t forget to leave a little bit in the budget for a few finishing touches.

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