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Selling Over the Silly Season Isn’t Such a Silly Idea

Selling Over the Silly Season Isn’t Such a Silly Idea

‘Tis the season to be merry, but is it also the season to sell your home? While at first it may seem like a bad idea when you’re busy, people are away on holidays and agents have closed their offices for the Christmas period, it can actually be a great time to sell. 

We’ve outlined just a few of the advantages to selling during this fun and festive season, and you might be surprised at how many there are.

There’s less competition
Because there are so few properties available during this season, it is more likely that your property will stand out to buyers, giving you a better chance of selling it.

It’s a transitional period
During this time of year, many people are making a move, scheduling their move around before the new school year, work holidays or new job postings. This also means they are motivated buyers who are more likely to make a purchase – and more likely to make it quickly.

Furthermore, as the spring season ends, many people will have sold their homes, so they will be looking to purchase a new one to live in. With plenty of demand from buyers and a limited number of properties available on the market, December and January can be the perfect months to buy. It’s also a time when many people’s leases are ending, meaning new buyers may be entering the market.

Potentially more buyers
As mentioned above, there are generally fewer properties on the market over this time, which can result in a higher buyer-to-property ratio. They are also likely to have more time to look for a property, being in holiday mode where their commitments are reduced.

You may get a better price
The level of competition for the few properties available during the holiday season can sometimes drive up the prices, meaning you could get a better return on your investment.

People feel happy
Due to the nature of this time of year; most people are feeling more relaxed and happy. They’re more than likely on holidays, they’ve had time to catch up on their sleep and they are quite possibly in a generally better mood to negotiate. This can even make them more likely to act on making a purchase, which is great news for sellers.

New Year’s resolutions are being planned
People often make their New Year’s resolutions around this time, and if this involves making a new start in a new home, you could help grant their wishes.

Online listings make it easy
Thanks to the availability of online listings, buyers are able to look for a property from almost anywhere at any time. Additionally if fewer properties are being advertised, it’s more likely that your property will pop up on their screens, giving it greater visibility and increasing the likelihood of a sale.

The home can look more appealing
Buyers may be more attracted to your home at this time of year if you’ve got festive decorations up and you’ve made sure to keep everything looking neat and tidy, particularly the front garden and façade areas.

As these points illustrate, the festive season can be an incredibly lucrative time to put your home on the market – it all depends on whether or not you’re prepared to sell at this time.

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