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Spring Cleaning: Using Scents and Saving Cents

Spring Cleaning: Using Scents and Saving Cents

Spring has finally sprung, which also means time to spring clean your home, but rather than just making your home spick and span, consider adding a fragrance to express your personality? Here’s our guide to using scent this spring, whether it’s for cleaning, or just setting the mood.

Photography by Elsa Olofsson


Have you ever stopped to think about the impact scent can have on your home, or the atmosphere it can create? Think of some scents you might love at home – a bunch of flowers, freshly laundered sheets, a burning log fire, coffee brewing in the morning, or something tasty baking in the oven -– then think how they make you feel. Calm? Energetic? Sleepy? Revitalised? When it comes to choosing a scent for your home, you might want something to provoke a certain emotion or reaction as you, your family and your friends step through the door. Perhaps you want a scent to reflect your personality or interior style, or you simply want a fragrance to suit the season. For instance, in the colder months, something woody or earthy can exude a warm and cosy feel, or for the warmer days, opt for something cool, calm and refreshing like citrus.

Photography by Anastasia Anastasia


There are so many ways to introduce scent into your home, but the simplest and most effective options are with candles and diffusers as they subtly release just the right amount of scent into a space, instead of overly strong and unbalanced artificial deodorisers. If you want your scents to be natural and good for your health, opt for essential oils and candles made from soy wax. Another way to introduce fragrance into your home is by using an essential oil spray – it will not only add scent to a room like a candle or oil diffuser, but it has the added benefit of freshening up your fabrics too. Did you know that sprays can go directly onto couches, bedding, linens, towels, clothes, pillows, rugs and curtains, making them smell fresh and new again? Just remember to air dry any fabrics before putting them back in the cupboard.

Photography by Joyce Toh


Lavender is known for its calming effects and often said to be the goto scent for relaxation and a restful night’s sleep. If you’re wanting to inject some calm into your home, then try a lavender-scented candle or essential oil for aromatherapy with the help of a diffuser, or add a bundle of lavender (or lavender buds) around your home to infuse a fresh smell. Combining lavender oil with a teaspoon of vodka or methylated spirits can create a sweet-smelling room spray. Lavender is also a handy cleaning agent as it is a natural antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic. Combine the oil with vinegar and use it as a kitchen and bathroom cleaner, or add the oil to an unscented dishwashing liquid for great smelling dishes.


Eucalyptus oil is another popular scent also known for its calming benefits, as well as its circulation-boosting and air-purifying properties. Around the home, the oil can be burnt in a candle or put in a diffuser to help relieve mental exhaustion, facilitate easy breathing and soothe nervous tension. It is also an effective antibacterial, degreasing agent and air freshener, which is great for eliminating harmful airborne bacteria, viruses and mould that could contribute to respiratory issues. This spring, you could make your own antimicrobial, non-toxic spray with eucalyptus oil diluted with water to clean and refresh the air. A spray can also eliminate trapped odours in fabrics, particularly items like shoes and sports gear. Mixed with vinegar, it’s perfect for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, and mixed with vinegar, it’s an effective kitchen and bathroom cleaner. Like lavender, you can add the oil to an unscented dishwashing liquid for great smelling dishes.

"If you want to natural scent that's also good for your health and the environment, then opt for essential oils and candles made from soy wax"

Photography by Mae Mu


Scents can not only help to mask unpleasant odours, but remove odours once and for all. When it comes to giving your fridge a spring clean this season, you might find that no matter how much you try, old food smells will still linger. Other effective natural scents include lemon, which can work on its own as its absorbency will do away with the bad smells – just cut it into slices and place in a bowl and replace it weekly. Baking soda has odour-killing properties by absorbing the odours completely, slowly purifying the whole area, so try putting some at the back of your fridge, mixed in with some lemon. Other scents you can use to remove bad odours in small spaces include freshly cut orange combined with cloves, or a cotton ball soaked in vanilla extract and placed in a bowl.

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