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Tips for remodelling your kitchen on a budget

Tips for remodelling your kitchen on a budget

Renovating your kitchen can be a great way to improve your home’s value, its visual appeal and day-to-day functionality, but there’s often a preconception that renovations must be costly when in fact they don’t. Some of the most appealing kitchens aren’t necessarily the most expensive — all it takes is a bit of planning, research and creativity.

Here are some ideas and tips to help you tackle your kitchen renovation on a budget:

Get inspired

Before you start any renovation project it’s important to identify how much you want to spend and what you want to achieve. Do you want to remodel your entire kitchen or only freshen up a few elements? Invest a good amount of time into looking at different design ideas — magazines, Pinterest, Instagram and online blogs can give you creative and budget-friendly ideas as well as help you adapt your dream kitchen to your own space and desired budget. Also, take the time to look at what’s currently in style and assess it against your own tastes, being wary of passing trends that may date quickly.

Shop around

Before making any purchases or commitments, visit your local hardware and bathroom store, compare materials, price out various options and get advice from contractors and professionals. Then, shop around for discounted or discontinued stock at other retailers, look for bargains on eBay, Gumtree, Facebook, at bric-a-brac markets, garage sales, and antique and charity shops — you might be surprised with what you will find and how much cheaper it can be if you take the time to compare the market. Having a clear plan and thinking outside of the box for where you can source your materials will help you to manage costs and avoid mid-project design changes.

Cabinets and cupboards

Your cabinets and cupboards are often the first thing you see when you walk into your kitchen, and if they’re a bit dated, it can really impact the look and feel of your home. Also, as cabinetry tends to take up the most real estate in your kitchen, it means it’s often one of the most expensive areas to renovate. However, rather than replacing cabinets, many cost-effective and equally appealing alternatives are available, including replacing cabinet doors but keeping the frames, repainting or refacing your cabinets with a high-quality, durable paint or plastic wraps. Alternatively, if you like your cabinetry just the way it is but want to give it a more modern look, a set of new handles and knobs could make an impressive difference.

Benches and splashbacks

You don’t need an expensive marble benchtop to make your kitchen look attractive or expensive. Laminate options are cost-effective and often look just as good. Likewise, a new splashback can make your kitchen look brand new by creating an eye-catching feature and focal point for the space, but at the same time not blowing your budget. Less expensive splashback options include mirrors, stainless steel, tile, or marble lookalikes, which are easy to take care of and create a great aesthetic.

Finishing touches

A smart kitchen is all about the finishing touches as they are often what’s noticed first. If your renovation budget is small but you still want to give your kitchen a makeover, a great way to start is with appliances. For example, a fridge, microwave, kettle, oven, and stovetop in the same colour or style can look create a modern and sophisticated kitchen. The same thinking applies to coordinating hardware, fixtures and trims, including power point covers, light switches, handles and tapware. Also, investing in a statement light fitting above the benchtop can create a centrepiece feature for the kitchen and won’t break the bank.

Do it yourself

If you’re keen to DIY some of your kitchen renovation, or you have a handy friend or family member that can help, you could end up saving yourself thousands. There are many aspects of a kitchen makeover that don’t need to be done by a professional. For example, you can paint your cabinetry or install new handles and fixtures yourself, both of which could save hundreds in labour costs. However, some of the trickier elements like installing new lights or re-plumbing a new sink should be left to a qualified professional.

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