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Top decorating tips to inspire you this spring

Top decorating tips to inspire you this spring

Springtime spells vibrant colours, sunshine and longer days. It’s the time when flowers bloom and the garden comes to life. But spring isn’t only about the outdoors, it’s a great time to brighten up your home by bringing the vibrant hues of the season indoors. 

Here is our curated list of interior trends and decorating tips to inspire you this coming spring. 

What the experts say
To inject some colour into your interior this spring, think bold, vibrant and effervescent colours. According to the Pantone Colour Institute, Living Coral 16-1546 is the colour of the year for 2019, described as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energises and enlivens with a softer edge”. When used in interior decor and furnishings, the Institute says “Living Coral in shag rugs, cosy blankets and lush upholsteries create a warm, comforting and nurturing feeling in the home… Living Coral adds a dramatic pop of colour to any room setting whether in decorative accessories, tabletop, or on the wall”.

Pantone’s three colour palettes for 2019 can be another source of interior inspiration. The ‘Classico’ palette is inspired by elegant, fundamental colours. The collection includes teal, grey flannel, rich gold, apricot, camel and caviar black. 
The second palette, ‘Cravings’, is dedicated to food, showcasing rich purples, reds, browns and oranges balanced with a grassy green. 
Thirdly, the Institute’s ‘Meanderings’ palette is inspired by culture, travel and globalisation. Its bold colours include green, blue, red, burgundy and pink. 
So why not embrace the expert’s advice and introduce these bold colours into your home, pairing them with metallics or glass. If bright colours aren’t to your taste, try one of the palette’s lighter or more subtle shades and set them against a clean white. 

Soft furnishings 
An effective and budget-friendly way to introduce light and colour into your home is refreshing your soft furnishings, bedding and accessories. Give your lounge room and bedroom a springtime look with new cushion covers and bedding that boasts bold colours and patterns. Pair your new additions with a vibrant throw blanket, and add a colourful or textured statement rug under your dining table or in the lounge room. Don’t be afraid to layer and mix and match different patterns and textures. 

Make a statement 
If you really want to transform the look and feel of your interior this spring, a brightly coloured sofa will work wonders. A statement sofa can act as a centerpiece and help you create a colour palette across your home, allowing you to match bedding and soft furnishings from room to room. Other ways to make a mark is with a buffet or dresser. These larger items don’t have to be brand new either; visit your local charity store or look online for new or second hand bargains. You might be lucky enough to find items in pristine condition or vintage pieces you can restore. 

In bloom 
A high-impact and low-cost way to bring colour into your home is with seasonal flowers and plants. A bright bouquet of blooms in a statement vase in your living room and at the entry of your home will create an impressive pop of colour and bring the feeling of spring indoors. Likewise, buy a few pots of statement greenery and strategically place them around the home in corners and against plain walls. 

Walls and windows 
Consider giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, whether it be an entire room or a feature wall. If you are planning to go big on coloured furnishings around the home, choose a clean, bright white as a contrast. With white as a background palette, carefully selected pieces of colourful or nature-inspired art hung around the home can be timeless additions. 

For a real talking point, look to floral or patterned wallpaper as a feature in your bedroom or living room. Manufacturers are now offering removable wallpaper so you can easily give your interior a temporary refresh as the seasons change. 
White or neutral-coloured curtains also help to brighten up rooms, as do blinds that are partially see-through, allowing the spring sunlight to stream into bedrooms and living areas.

Kitchen and dining
Large bowls of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables on the kitchen bench and on the dining table can be an effective way to add splashes of colour to your home. It’s also an affordable and sustainable way to brighten up your main living and eating areas — simply consume your produce, replace, and repeat. 

Kitchen appliances and utensils are also an easy way to give your home a fresh look. Many brands are now creating colourful kettles, toasters and blenders. Buy a set and match with your utensils. If you want to go all out in the kitchen, opt for a colourful splashback, newly painted kitchen cupboards or bright bench stools.

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