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Top tips for selling your home this summer

Top tips for selling your home this summer

This year has brought phenomenal results for many Australian homeowners and the market isn’t slowing down. While summer may not be your typical selling season, there are many benefits to putting your home on the market in the warmer months, especially with strong buyer demand, long days and beautiful weather – it might just be the perfect recipe for success.

Here are our top tips for selling your home this season.

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Regardless of size or layout, buyers will be eager to see your outdoor space and its potential for entertaining and relaxing during the summer months, so you want it looking its very best. Firstly, front and rear gardens should be tidy and well-maintained – mow lawns, rake leaves, weed and sweep paths, prune flowers, remove old or dying plants, and add a new layer of mulch to garden beds. Be sure to keep up the watering and consider installing a sprinkler system to ensure your plants are thriving and luscious while your home is on view. If your shed, doors or fences are looking a bit drab, spruce them up with a lick of paint or stain to make them look fresh again. If you have a pool or spa, then make sure they are sparkling clean.

You want your outdoor space to sell a summer lifestyle where buyers can imagine spending the warmer months, whether that’s lazing by the pool on a sun lounge or enjoying a drink with family and friends on a balmy evening. Stylish and functional pieces of outdoor furniture, like lounges, umbrellas and dining sets will help make your backyard look more appealing. Likewise, potted statement greenery on the front porch will help maximise your kerb appeal. If you don’t have the time or know-how to do these things yourself, hiring a gardener and a stylist could be a worthwhile investment.

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Summer in Australia typically means beautiful weather, so when it comes to making your home inviting, cosy and comfortable in the warmer months, then think light and airy, and not too hot. If your inspection will be held on a hot day, then turn your air-conditioning on for a few hours before buyers arrive to allow the cool air to flow through all of your rooms. On a hot day, add a nice touch with some ice cold water on offer for when buyers walk through the door – it can be exhausting travelling from property to property, so the more comfortable you make it, the longer buyers will stay.

Or, if it’s possible, hold inspections in the morning before the mercury starts to rise inside your home. Another one of the benefits of selling in the summer is that longer days mean more light, so you can open up your home in the late afternoon or early evening after people finish work. This time of day is synonymous for mild temperatures and a cool summer breeze, so open the curtains, blinds and doors and allow some fresh air to flow through the property.


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