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Warm and cosy: your guide to entertaining at home this winter

Warm and cosy: your guide to entertaining at home this winter

Photography by Kraken Images

As the cool weather settles in for the next few months, entertaining at home turns indoors. Whether it’s a Sunday roast lunch, mid-week dinner party, or casual drinks, create a warm and welcoming space for your friends and loved ones this season.


Nothing says winter entertaining more than delicious fare, so focus on some homecooked meals to please your guests and warm up your home on a cold winter’s night. For something savoury, there is nothing quite like a soul-warming soup or stew, a hearty roast, or a delectable pie – think winter vegetables, chicken and leek, rich lamb and rosemary, or beef with red wine. For those with a sweet tooth, bake some chocolate chip cookies, decorate cupcakes, make a warm apple pie, or whip up some soft, fudgy brownies to pair with ice cream. Finish with a delicious homemade hot chocolate; start with milk, cocoa powder and sugar. Combine the ingredients in a saucepan and whisk until warm, then add chocolate and whisk until melted. To create an extra indulgent drink, add a splash of vanilla extract, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a dollop of maple syrup or a dash of your favourite liqueur. For extra decadence, garnish with whipped cream, chopped chocolate and marshmallows!

Photography by Monika Grabkowska


During the colder months entertaining options start to turn indoors. Start with a games night in the warmth and comfort of your own home ; Pull out old board games and card games and get everyone involved, or turn on your favourite game show and play along with the contestants. Try a game of Blackshaw Monopoly!

Try setting up the chess board or pull out a jigsaw puzzle for a fun evening. The internet also offers an endless array of games and entertainment, you could grab the console and choose something that everyone can participate in, you’ll never be without something fun to do with your guests.

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On a chilly winter’s day or night, make your home nice and cosy for your guests with warm soft furnishings and furniture. Think of woolly blankets and thick knitted throws draped over your lounge, as well as cushions and pillows made of soft heattrapping fabrics such as wool, velvet, chenille or jacquard. Velvet has seen a resurgence, especially in the living room, if you are considering a new purchace think of a snuggly velvet armchair or sofa. Another way to ensure your home is warm and comfortable for your guests is with a thick rug over cold tiles or wooden floors.

“Enjoy a game of Blackshaw Monopoly!”

Photography by Jonny Caspari


Create a warm and inviting ambiance at home this winter with the power of smart lighting. Indoors, opt for warm light bulbs instead of the cooler kind for your downlights, pendants and chandeliers, as well as floor and table lamps. Candles are also a fantastic way to add atmosphere and the feeling of warmth in a room, and may save on energy costs too. Outdoors, warm solar-powered lights throughout the garden and along walkways will enhance the outdoor space making it feel warm and welcoming for your guests. In addition, using lanterns and candles outdoors can create a softer and more subtly lit space.

Photography by Mike Labrum



Canberra winter days are often warm and sunny so take advantage of them and enjoy the outdoors for your next lunch or afternoon drinks. Consider ways to seamlessly transition from daytime to night while keeping your guests warm; create a cosy winter evening around a gas patio heater, an electric heater mounted to your exterior wall or alfresco ceiling, or a brazier or a fire pit.

A fire pit quickly becomes the place of focus for people to gather around, with comfortable furniture, thick blankets and warm cushions, this makes for the perfect entertaining space.

Photography by R D Smith

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