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Welcome, Adam Jones

Welcome, Adam Jones

A high-flying agent with a down-to-earth attitude.

Adam Jones, former aeronautical engineer raised on a cattle farm, has spent the last 16 years of his career instituting himself as the property expert in his community.

Known by his peers for his warm confidence, innate ability to build rapport, his mastery of negotiation, and thrilling pastime jumping off mountains on a hang glider. Adam Jones is a visionary who understands the true value he brings his clients—”the genuine ability to get them as much as they possibly can.”

Adam, learnt early on the value their cattle meant to his family. He understood the nature of a hard-earned living, and what the power of storytelling and a great display could achieve at the annual cattle stud auctions when competing against the crowds.

He approaches real estate with the same tenacity. By acknowledging the responsibility he bears for his clients, he studies his market and raises the bar on expectation with a great amount of empathy, respect, transparency, and hard work.

Adam is no stranger to the Blackshaw brand. He’s come up head-to-head with it since the start of his career and has a deep respect for the steadfast regional expertise Blackshaw’s brand emotes in the ACT. His wife, a senior property manager with Blackshaw at the Manuka office, has been eagerly anticipating this move for some time.

While working 12 years with a competitor, a brief encounter with Michael Braddon, Franchise Principal of the Blackshaw Gungahlin office, left him thinking, “I’d like to be working with him someday.”

At the first opportunity available, Adam joins Michael and his team in Gungahlin.

Adam has a way of leaving his clients with a lasting impression. His connections are likely generated by a local referral and by the end you can expect to be voicing your praises.

It is with the same reciprocal warmth and genuine humility we welcome Adam Jones to the Blackshaw family.

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