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Whats trending? Latest Bathroom Trends

Whats trending? Latest Bathroom Trends

Find out the latest trends and tips to keeping your bathroom in-style.

1) Free standing bath:

Looking for something romantic and relaxing? Out with the new and in with the old. Curb, round and freestanding bathrooms were once considered an old-fashioned item and has more recently proven to be back in demand. With more sensual and modern elements to this feature it is sure to be a hit in your bathroom.


2) Tap ware finishing:

Modern urban is a trend that has become rather popular in interiors including bathrooms. Try a sleek black or crisp white basin mixer which will enhance the effect of the colours in your bathroom. Use clean and stylish geometric shapes to create a slick and iconic look.
Like free-standing bath, vanity top basins are a trend that is here to stay. Add a metallic mosaic tile contrasting backdrop or use slate grey tiles to give that sophisticated appearance in your bathroom.


Although looks is most certainly an important factor when deciding on tapware, having a tap that is just as easy to use is just as important. Take into consideration testing tapware before purchase.

3) Lighting

Draw attention to your bathroom's best features by installing feature lighting. From wall lighting to LED strip lighting under vanity, this is sure to create a vibrant and intimate look about your bathroom. Use spotlights to enhance special artwork or colours in your bathroom.

Want to look your best before you leave the house? Try task lighting on either side or above your mirror. This type of lighting will simply cast an even light across your face to ensure perfection when applying your make-up.

If you have watched the latest series of “The Block” you would have noticed pendant feature lighting is a growing trend. If you want to keep within the modern urban trend try something similar. Light fixtures finished in a warm copper or copper bronze are likely additions.


4) Shower niche

Everyone wants ease of access to shower products without having to reach far for them. If you are thinking of renovating your shower consider installing shower niches. This bathroom feature is a great way of utilizing storage and minimising clutter in a stylish and elegant way.

5) Colours and Patterns

Mixed metallic tiles can give off a very dramatic statement. While this gives a modern look, think about mixing together lighter and darker colours from the same range of colours to avoid over the top use of metallic tiles.

Bathroom wall tiles have been smooth and flat in the past. Suppliers now offer not only patterned tiles but 3 dimensional tiles which is the perfect option for you if you want to keep a neutral colour scheme. This will add an element of excitement in your bathroom.

Emerging bathroom trends also include mosaic feature walls. Placing a feature wall behind your free-standing bath or in the shower will bring pure glamour to your bathroom. You’ll be surprised at how well these tones will compliment your bathroom as well as give a luxurious feel to it.




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